Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A big fatty hello to 2013.

That said, I have no idea if I posted a "Best of..." list last year.  Or ever.  And frankly, I am too distracted by the cheesecake waiting for me in the fridge to go back and look.

So, drum roll please....  The Val list of 2012's Some Best Stuff:
(in no particular order)

Best unexpected long term house guests:  The Temple Workers
Best liberation from oppression:  new beige carpet
Best service I gave up:  letting Mr. Fun lead the tours for the Temple Open House
Best dessert:  Red Velvet Cake--Bol Weeval Cafe, Augusta GA
Best family fight: 2nd night of the cruise
Best financial feeling: debt free trip to India and France (I saved for two years)
Best service project:  Giving away brownies to folks who voted in the election
Best weather disappointment:  Rain at Grand Turk
Best dressed:  Aubrey (she made me pick her...which if you know me, you know it wouldn't have been me)
Best secret my father did not keep:  My brother is having twins
Best number of immunations for a third world country: 10
Best reunion day:  When Joey came "home" to us
Best relief at the end of the school year:  Boy passed
Best drink:  Mocktail Miami Vice
Best something I learned about myself: I love birds. Singing, flying, and photographing them
Best day:  My day at Epcot with The Girl and besties
Best drink aroma of a drink I didn't have:  Rum at St. Thomas
Best photographer moment:  Photographer of the Month (March) for Mormon Church
Best RYLA moment:  When Dom said yes to taking over my Ex Director position
Best emotional growth moment: When I heard a song that reminded me of Tom and I smiled instead of winced
Best worth the wait moment:  Going inside the new temple and see Dave and Carol sealed
Best musical mustache moment:  The monks of South Carolina
Best outdoor activity:  Watching movies at night on the cruise boat deck with free popcorn
Best spectator of my photographs at the Temple Celebration:  Thomas S. Monson
Best new dream for 2013:  new kitchen counter and sink

Cheesecake on the first day of the new year?  Perfect way to start!
Love, Val