Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Meaningful Mantra I learned at the Water Park

I had a tough one yesterday...lounging by the poolside at the local water park.

As I noticed I was amishly dressed in my modest one piece, with body parts that
are "all natural" and perhaps one of the only adults there without
a tattoo, I took the opportunity to catch up on some light
"chick magazine" reading I have been behind on for three months.

The view from my lap

The boy and his buddy

One chick magazine offered up an article about developing your

own power tool called a Mantra. I have heard of them, spoken in reference

of life coaching. It is a phrase, slogan, word or something that means

something to you, deep to your core. That when you hear it,
you feel strong and alive. You can do anything.

So, I started to think what was my all-powerful mantra?
Was it "I should drive this Sandwich truck"?

Nah, I prefer no onions on my sandwiches.

Perhaps it is this phrase...which if you know me...
it definately could be right up my alley.

But I know what it is. I have it hanging in my kitchen. Above the sink.
"She believed she could, so she did."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Harold Hepfer: bellringer extraordinaire

Harold Hepfer is a bell ringer during the holidays for the Salvation Army.

In 2008, he raised $26,590 in his bell-ringer bucket. He VOLUNTEERED as a bell ringer six days a week, 8-10 hours a day from November 7th to December 24th. Holy hannah.

His kettle alone represents over 20% of the total amount raised here in our area of KC.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Insert pity party here

Let me take a break from the UK report to insert a little moan of sad here.

I have no reason to complain. I know it. But I want to and then I will be done. "Done" as I say.

We spent a leisurely (yeah, right) morning at the children's hospital yesterday for the boy. Not in the ER. This was scheduled fun. It is now the plan that the boy will NOT be going back to school in the fall. Not full time. Not part time. Just one hour a day.

It is called "Graduated Re-entry." Like a space shuttle or something.

The goal is to get him in full time by January. Which to a mother who has been dealing with very sick people (including my drunken slurry, seizurey self (by the way, figured out I have a six hour window if I forget my medication before that fun starts up again---figured that out the hard way) for the last three years, January sounds like eternity. I wanted to cry.

However, who has time to cry with all the labors that lay before us...that would just be wasted energy and make my exhaustion that much more pronounced....I am too buzy to cry anyway.

So, the good news to this little saga is that we are not in a school change and they know our history. The great news is that things are looking up. Sort of.

I just found a list that I have been keeping, and guess what. It took 29 separate visits with doctors to get his diagnosis. See, sometimes good things do come to those who wait (and work!).

More cheery posting later. :)


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wonderful divine Scotland

Edinburgh Castle
established 700 AD

Tweed Valley, Scotland

As great at Northern Ireland was, I am absolutely in love with Scotland. It is only 14 miles across the channel from Ireland but a totally different feel.
Slower speaking, yummy organic yogurt,
and the Tweed Valley drive in sunset is to die for.
The people were more friendly.
There were less places to get money out or find food.
Seth and I had chinese, so you know a country with little food
but still serves Chinese can't be all bad. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Northern Ireland

It is so lovely to hear from you guys. Thanks for posting comments. It makes me feel connected to you just seeing your names! :)
Northern Ireland needs a new marketing director. That place rocks. So many people don't even realize that it is it's own country, and state of sorts of the United Kingdom. It was wonderful. We didn't spend much time in Belfast (very industrial and Bono wasn't there so why bother?). We did attend church and for you LDSers, it was a telecast stake conference. Elder Uchdorf told the Brits they need to be better about hugging and greeting each other---
reaching out. Touching isn't their big suit.

We learned that the Northern Ireland problems with the IRA isn't about religion at all (which is what is portrayed in western media). The problem really is that the members of the IRA
(secret militia) want a united island of Ireland and the Northern Irelanders
are happy being part of the UK.

This is the northern coast. There was this spectacular view

and this fellow was snoring his head off. :)

The locals would just lay around wherever they felt like.

Giant's Causeway...google this and learn about it. A-maz-ing.

Matt saw it when he was 11 and now Seth saw it when he was 12.
Seth has already decided that he will bring his son when he is 11 or 12. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ireland is not the rainy rock that we see in the movies. It is green. So green that it almost could be unbelievable if you weren't there to see it your self. Rolling with trees, and small hedge, rock fences everywhere. No true road signs, and not even all the towns have name signs.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Whew...part two

This is for my adoring fans (well, actually my mother since she has nothing to read at lunchtime lately and is probably the only one to read this anyway)

The United Kingdom was fantastic (the Brits love that word). I could go on and on but suffice it to say it was a wonderful family outing. The boy didn't throw up once. The girl didn't really complain at all. Mr. Fun and I survived driving through four countries in 11 days without a Garmin without contacting a divorce attorney. International RYLA was super great. Missouri RYLA went the best yet, and I am surely grateful to be home. I lived out of a suitcase for over a month and honestly, I am tired.

The let down is hitting me now. I am trying to get my home in order, physically, so that I can get my mind in order, mentally. The walls that were stripped bare the end of March for their new painting but became home the the famous lists were finally painted on Saturday and actually are getting their new wall hangings tonight. The meditation garden that needed it's rock border was laid down the other day. We had a fun time at the Fourth of July Tallant blow out. I still have gobs of ironing and school supplies to get ready to delve into, attended the Water Garden tour, the Cancer walkathon on Friday to help pull together, but for tonight, I am taking the evening off and saying hello to you.
Would you like to see some pictures?
Birmingham, England

Tweed Valley, Scotland

Atrim Coast, Northern Ireland

Kilkenny, Ireland
It is surprising how out of the zone I am when it comes to doing the blog thing, but I have plenty of pictures to last for a while. :) As they say at International RYLA--Bring it! And a special shout out to my Cancer Walkathon Fans! Good luck Friday