Thursday, July 16, 2009

Northern Ireland

It is so lovely to hear from you guys. Thanks for posting comments. It makes me feel connected to you just seeing your names! :)
Northern Ireland needs a new marketing director. That place rocks. So many people don't even realize that it is it's own country, and state of sorts of the United Kingdom. It was wonderful. We didn't spend much time in Belfast (very industrial and Bono wasn't there so why bother?). We did attend church and for you LDSers, it was a telecast stake conference. Elder Uchdorf told the Brits they need to be better about hugging and greeting each other---
reaching out. Touching isn't their big suit.

We learned that the Northern Ireland problems with the IRA isn't about religion at all (which is what is portrayed in western media). The problem really is that the members of the IRA
(secret militia) want a united island of Ireland and the Northern Irelanders
are happy being part of the UK.

This is the northern coast. There was this spectacular view

and this fellow was snoring his head off. :)

The locals would just lay around wherever they felt like.

Giant's this and learn about it. A-maz-ing.

Matt saw it when he was 11 and now Seth saw it when he was 12.
Seth has already decided that he will bring his son when he is 11 or 12. :)