Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Insert pity party here

Let me take a break from the UK report to insert a little moan of sad here.

I have no reason to complain. I know it. But I want to and then I will be done. "Done" as I say.

We spent a leisurely (yeah, right) morning at the children's hospital yesterday for the boy. Not in the ER. This was scheduled fun. It is now the plan that the boy will NOT be going back to school in the fall. Not full time. Not part time. Just one hour a day.

It is called "Graduated Re-entry." Like a space shuttle or something.

The goal is to get him in full time by January. Which to a mother who has been dealing with very sick people (including my drunken slurry, seizurey self (by the way, figured out I have a six hour window if I forget my medication before that fun starts up again---figured that out the hard way) for the last three years, January sounds like eternity. I wanted to cry.

However, who has time to cry with all the labors that lay before us...that would just be wasted energy and make my exhaustion that much more pronounced....I am too buzy to cry anyway.

So, the good news to this little saga is that we are not in a school change and they know our history. The great news is that things are looking up. Sort of.

I just found a list that I have been keeping, and guess what. It took 29 separate visits with doctors to get his diagnosis. See, sometimes good things do come to those who wait (and work!).

More cheery posting later. :)