Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Ice Storm photos

I never grow tired of the scene left behind from an ice storm. For those who know of them, this was a tiny, itty bitty baby one. The ice only lasted a true day, and is already melted.

For those who have not been in an ice storm in person, basically it is rain that freezes in place on anything it grabs hold of. Cars, homes, stairs, newpapers left on the ground, and nature. These are berries I saw today walking into the church building.

The residue of an ice storm is magnificient. It is like the world has been showered in expensive jewels, and if you get some sunshine thrown!

Ice storms can cause serious damage to trees and brush in particular. If I were to grab these branches, they would snap completely off with little effort on my part.

This is the Cherry Blossom tree in our front yard. Just a reminder, these photographs have only been cropped and not edited in any other way. :) Enjoy. Days like this call for hot chocolate. :)