Monday, June 1, 2009


The lists are gone. In all, there were 22 of them. Only four things left to do and it is over.

I remember exactly where and when it was that I decided that when I had children, I would take them to Europe to see how great we have it in America. A mandatory requirement I think for all teenagers.

It was December 1990. NYC airport runway.

We had just landed on the tarmac in NYC and we were pulling up to the gate. I was returning home from my mission in the Canary Islands. It was the first time in many months that I was alone, so it gave me time to think of things other than my missionary companion and the gospel I had been teaching the people of Portugal.

When I saw the American flag flying off to my left window, I cried. I had missed America. The food, the language, the flag. I remember the moment very clearly.

I didn't have a boyfriend, husband, or children. I didn't know what the future would bring, but I promised myself it would happen. And it is, 19 and 1/2 years later. The kids are finally ready to really appreciate it.

We leave for the UK in about 12 hours and I will be gone for over three weeks. I return home for four days and then head off for almost another week to the Missouri RYLA Leadership Academy that I direct. I will be back home on the 2nd in time to make the Famous Dave's BBQ over on 92nd street. Have a great June. :)