Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bob the Builder Award: Chris and Ashli,"The Exteme Givers"

Meet Chris and Ashli. 

I don't have their picture because I don't have their last name.

But I do know he is 27 years old.  They have a baby. And they live in Monongahley, PA.  They don't seem to have a lot of money.  He is a Bible student.

He also one of those "extreme couponers."  But not the kind you think.  (of course not, or he wouldn't be awarded the highly coveted "Bob the Builder Award").  :)

We saw him on tv last night.  If you have not seen the show, the bottom line is that people spend what is the equivalent of hours to a full time job clipping and cutting coupons so that they can use them with supermarket sales to walk out of the store with as much free product as they can.

The Girl and I have watched this show for a few months, and almost every time we talk about how we could do extreme couponing and give some to the food banks, homeless shelter etc...

We have thought about it.  Often.

Apparently Chris and his wife Ashli have too because they are doing it. 
The cool part of this little tale is that unlike us, who would have a serious problem letting go of cereal and razors, Chris and Ahsli keep ZERO for themselves.  Nada.  Zip.

They have a room that stands empty, unless it is shopping trip time.  They have bought thousands of items, stored them in their empty room and then at the end of the shopping week, they load it all up in their trailer they bought for such an occasion and take it to the local food bank.  ALL of it.  Even the cereal.

Last night they donated like $3,000 worth of food to the shelter.  In one day.  One shopping trip.  Their cost:  zero.  That looks like this  $0.00

Ashli said something cool.  She said the most people who extreme coupon can be also known as extreme hoarders.  She and Chris said they want to be known as "extreme givers." 

Congratulations, Ashli.  You are.