Friday, December 9, 2011

A surprise note from Heaven

We have a saying in our house we have said for years:  "It's a Christmas miracle."

It comes from an Andersonville favorite movie:  Better Off Dead.  If you are from the 1980's like us, you probably know it and have enjoyed it as well.  If not, come over for movie night and enjoy it with us.  I have 94% fat free popcorn I am willing to share.

I have seen lots of things in my 42 years, and miracles are among some of them. 

I have not seen God in person. 

Or Jesus.

Or Abraham Lincoln or Harriet Tubman.  You know, other people and heavenly beings that I admire.

But I have seen miraclous things happen, some of which I have had happen directly to me.

And if Andersonville ever need some miraculous love, this is the year we could use it.

I will not begin some laundry list of why, but suffice it to say that we are ready for a whole new year.  New memories, new adventure.

Back to the miracle.

When Tom, who passed away six months ago this week, began his new life chapter in 2004 with the separation of him and his spouse, he needed Christmas decorations.

The tree we got from the Boy Scout Garage sale we had that fall.  $5.00.

The ornaments were mainly ones that we gave him....shiney, glittery tools, a camaro I had painted pink, and some ones we shared from Alaska. 

He really wanted something special for the topper. 

We looked throughout the stores, and he never did find one he liked.  So I made him one.  Out of a printed red star (red for the camaro), the side of a cereal box (we Andersons and Allisons have some serious cereal eaters in our homes) and a end slice of a toliet paper roll.  Just like you would in elementary school.

I used to tell him he didn't have to keep it as the years rolled by.  But he did.

When Christmas passed last year, he gave away all of his Christmas belongings.  He gave us back the ornaments we had given him.  And the star.

I put the star away and didn't think of it again. 

Given I am tired, I didn't want to put the tree up this year.  However, it had not been up for three years, so Mr. Fun decided he wanted to do it.

We pulled out the bag of Tom ornaments and added them to the collection of our others.  That was tender and sweet to see them and think of him.

That isn't the miracle.

When we were about done decorating it, I went to put on the Tom Homemade Star, in honor of him.  Seemed like a nice thing to do.

Imagine my surprise when I was putting it on the tree, and there on the back, in Tom's handwriting was a message for us.  And this is what it said:

"This has been my favorite topping since 2004.  Now it is passed down to the Andersons to enjoy and always remember how simples things in life are always the best!!  May this star always remind you of how our simple friendship  has become an experience of life."

It honestly felt like the Heavens opened themselves right up there in the front room and Tom leaned down to us and handed us a love note.  His words.  His handwriting.  On his 6th month passing away day.  It felt like a note that really said "I am here, safe and sound.  No worries.  I miss you guys too."  

Whether it is defined as a "miracle" to others or not, it is for me. 

To my God in Heaven, thank you.