Sunday, May 13, 2012

I need a nap.

Dear Self:

Val, you need a nap. 

Too bad you lost your journal on your whirlwind trip to Utah last fall and you could add all this to it.  Life is good though, because you did score yourself a coupon at the Staples to buy a new one...but it isn't quite the same.  :)

That said, without going into the details (who doesn't love to hear the juicy details of Val's life.....oh wait, Mr. Fun!)  suffice it to say that come July, you are going to need a nap. 

And a housecleaner.

Actually the housekeeper we could use THIS morning, since the raccoons got on the trash bags on the porch last night and the house smells like Hawaiian BBQ (those were super yummy ribs....shout out to Greg L!) for the small (50) gathering after the Tallant's Lovefest yesterday.

It is true.  They are loved

And there is trash on the porch.

To make a long story short, which is too bad because I even have pictures to go with it, Hot Rod Rock Star of the Northland, Dave, and his super-duper-cooooolest-futrure-bridesmaid-there-will-ever-be according to The Girl, Carol, went to the new Kansas City Temple (first Saturday it was opened for business) and were sealed (in their case, basically renewed their wedding vows--just for eternity).  Or as some water aerobic participant called it-- "strapped." 

It was a heavenly day.

And I was glad to be a part of it.

One more thing....

for those of you who wonder if those we love who die still exsist and are near us after this life,
the answer is yes.  :)