Friday, September 21, 2012

Men in Green

I started some random essay years ago for no good reason called "Everything I need to know I learned from men in green."

I made a list of famous men wearing green/being green and what one could learn from them.

I got the idea when I had just had some great medication from having an outpatient procedure.

I figured that some of life's most pivotal key lessons were somehow connected to the color green.
See what I mean.  Great meds!

I haven't seen the paper list around until I stumbled into it a few days ago.

Thought you might enjoy it too.
Yoda:  wisdom
Green army men:  loyalty

Ompaa Lumpaas:  honesty
Incredible Hulk:  anger management
Kermit:  all-around nice guy
Oscar the Grouch:  crankiness
Robin Hood:  charity
Greedo:  a lasting impression

Grinch:  grudges
Green berets:  effective training
Riddler:  give it away
Green Goblin:  success at any price
Budwiser Frogs:  teamwork

Gecko for Geico:  make something boring fun
Toy Story Rex:  fear
Telly Tubbies:  good intentions
Alligator from Happy Gilmore:  karma
Peter Pan:  immaturity
Lyle Lyle Crocodile:  love in the family, regardless of species
Green pants with nobody inside them:  jumping to conclusions
Sneetches with green stars on their bellies:  peer pressure

Crocodile from Peter Pan:  memories
Forest soldiers from the Endor moon:  succeeding with what you have available

Have a great weekend!   Valsy