Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bon Voyage

I am going to Montreal tomorrow.
International Rotary RYLA program. 

I have so much I want to write but no order to my thoughts.

I will tell you that I learned something about the women
of Bangladesh that I wanted to share with you.

Did you know that more women from Bangladesh
drown in seasonal floods per capita than any other place?

Strange eh?

You want to know why?

One reason is because they wear saris.
They are lots of material, which gets heavy
in water and drags the women down.

Another reason is they are not allowed
to be taught to swim.

Another reason, which is perhaps the
craziest one of all, is that they
are not allowed to leave their homes
without male chaperones.
So, if their house is flooding and
no male is in the home to escort them
out, then they are not allowed to leave.

They have to stay in their home,
with water pouring in around them,
and they drown.
Assumingly, them and their children.

I have thought a lot about those
drowning Bangladeshian women over the
last few months.

What does this have to do with Montreal?

I guess as I decide how I am going to get from the
airport Saturday night to my hotel in
a foreign country without any chaperone,
I am glad I am not Bangladeshian.

Have a great week.