Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wanna take a field trip? Let's crash a wedding at Loose Park...

Our church members were encouraged to actually think about Veterans on Memorial Day this year (I know...stop the crazy talk Vals!) and listed some spots in the city to visit related to war.  Missouri does have a history with the Civil War since it was the Compromise state.  We googled parks in the city and we found a delightful 75 acre spot called Loose Park.  I had heard of it, and actually been there for a Rotary function years ago, but have never field tripped there.  Come will love it.
The Boy is doing much better.
Thanks everyone for the prayers.  It is helping.  :)

It was the site of a Civil War battle which 29,000 folks participated.  The South lost.  Not much more to say.  Sorry South.
Little did we know on our walk-about with the Allison family that we would be uninvited guests at a wedding in the Rose Garden.  It was like a movie.  The venue was delicious...5,000 blooms they say.  There was Vivaldi and Bach music on stringed instruments.  It was surreal.  (How does Val know what they were playing?  Funny, after a wedding, we found a program on the ground so we know everyone's names)

The Girl, Tom's girl and I refused to move until we saw the bride walk down the aisle.
Meet Whitney and her father, Don
Matt said that there were 30 non-invited guests (women)
who were watching from the higher ground.  Not a single
man stopped to enjoy the show.

Not that the men didn't stop to enjoy something...
but it wasn't the wedding.  It was their electronic "girlfriends"
(palm pilots or whatever they are called)

Whitney and Brian exchanging vows...
it seemed very strange to see sweaty joggers, people playing Frisbee,
and us to witness this very intimate moment.
And now, reading this, it seems strange that I know their names,
their families, who the best friend in the wedding was, their
musical choices, scriptures, etc....
I am feeling sort of like a stalker....

Allisons love to climb trees

Reminded me of China
It was a pictures of feet day.
Their reflections

My favorite rose name...
Free Spirit