Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wanna see something a little gross?

This is kind of gross...but you might like it.

Word is out that you can come to Val's house and get some good hosting.
Snacks, a nice place to sleep, a happy backyard to relax in.  Your own guest bathroom.

We have all sorts of kinds come to Andersonville for some R and R.

Lot of people....and some various types of wildlife.  We are used to raccoons, cats, birds, squirrels, turtles, toads, frogs, and even an opossum in the trash last week. 

But a cicada?

Yep, it is true.  We saw a cicada be born last night.   I was on a walk about of the yard, and found this strange bug sort of contraption popping open.  I was so grossed out--at first--but then I was intrigued.  I got the family to come out and be grossed out too.

A cicada is some loud bug that lives in the ground for years and then crawls out to be birthed and then lives a little while.  You can wiki it if you really care all that much.

Here is what I found:

He is popping out.
The "newborn" was in some sort of coma...when you poked it
he would move.  He was twice as big as the host shell,
so I am sure he is happy to be out of there.
It reminded me of Men In Black when the alien
took over the human body.

They normally are birthed on the ground in private
but this guy was on the fence by the new
Chinese gate.  Maybe it is a nice place to have a baby? :)
So, I went out this morning to see where the baby cicada
was in his new beginnings.  He was gone.
But his host shell is still there. 

Science lesson over.  Have a great day!