Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wanna Take A Field Trip? Let's go to Army Fort Leavenworth Cemetery

The Anderson boys are four wheeling all around the Colorado mountains, so the Girl and I are on "staycation."  That translates to us eating junk food, watching mindless tv, and taking field trips for no reason besides "just because"we can. 

Also, no cooking dinner.  NICE.

Putting the trash on the street.  Not so nice.

I have not been the cemetery of Fort Leavenworth.  It is amazing.  Humbling.  It is only 8 miles from our church building, so after church we changed clothes in the car in the parking lot of the grocery store nearby (you missed the show) and went over. 

It is strange to me that two random people like us could just drive onto the base for fun...doesn't seem very safe.  I guess dusty Camry's aren't the first pick of a car bomber...

My father is a vet so he could be buried here
if he chose to.  Well, technically he would be dead
so we would have to choose to do it.  Which we won't.

He wants to be cremated...which in our family tradition
means his ashes will sit in a small cardboard box
 on the bedroom stairs with a post it note with his
name on it....Joe.  At least that is
what happened with our dog....Goldie.

I was thinking about William Bailey.  It could be partially
for him that this cemetery was established. 
Abe Lincoln named 12 national cemeteries during his presidency,
which I am sure were related to the Civil War.
Notice William died in 1863.  He might have been
one of the first buried here.

Here lie four of many men whose stories are lost to history.  :(

"Thank a Soldier" T-shirt from Snarky Belle

The Girl LOVES LOVES LOVES Vets and if you recall,
her teacher said she has a "brilliant military mind."
She loves coming here.  She is working on becoming an
escort on an "Honor Flight".

We were sad with John McHugh here.  He was 22
and was buried two months ago.  There were fresh flowers
on his site, along with a Boy Scout Pinewood Derby patch
pined to his flag.  He served in the Persian Gulf and
died in Afghanistan.  Rest in peace Colonel McHugh.
There scenic views along the Missouri River to stop and rest.
The river is so dirty that it looks like the
chocolate river from Willie Wonka and Chocolate Factory.
They say "It is too thick to drink and too thin to plow."
There is a memorial to the Calvary soldiers.  It was cool.
We were playing with the camera settings.

There are tons of folks that live and serve on this base.
But it was so quiet and tranquil. 
Everything seemed to sense it was hallow ground.
The trees. The people.  The animals even
had a spirit about them.

This squirrel wouldn't stop staring at the Girl.

We came home in the sunshine and the fish looked so great.
I have been thinking that without soldiers, I don't know
if I would have fish.  Of course, the fish are symbolic
of the freedoms we have to be, do, live and
exist as we choose.

The pursuit of happiness...even if they are slimy

God bless the Soldier and God bless the USA.