Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bob the Builder Award: Got Bread?

Hot. Homemade. Bread. 

Close your eyes...no wait, if you do, you can't read the rest of this all engrossing post!  Pretend you smell this scrumptious homemade treat RIGHT now....deep breath.....hmmmm.

I have been thinking a lot about bread, especially since February.  If you are close to me, you know that I am off the bread.  No kidding. 

I haven't had a slice of bread since February.  I miss it, especially the homemade kind.  It makes me sick to my stomach, so it is out.  :(

I do have a tiny piece each week at church for our main worship.  I figured it was best I make the exception for God and His boy, Jesus.

You know how it is.  When you have something you just have it.  When you eliminate it, that is when you REALLY want it. 

Remember Dave the Hot Rod Builder Rock Star of the Northland?  His wife, Carol, her father died Sunday.  Cancer for the last six years.  Still painful.  Still sorrowful.  Don't even get me started to where her father's death has been taking me in regards to Tom and his cancer.  (Side note:  He is not well, and is scheduled for surgery next Tuesday to remove another ping pong ball sized cancer from his chest.)

Sunday, I and another church lady,  prepared a meal for Carol's entire family, delivered only a couple hours after the van had taken her father's body to the funeral home.

The family looked tired.  The home was surprisely quiet and peaceful.  Perhaps they were all cried out for the moment.  I had brought homemade soup, chili, cookies, and salad.  And homemade bread.

Of all the food three trips from the car brings, it was the homemade bread they commented about first.  The warm, homey smell to go with the homey peace that was there.  It was Kiera's bread that brought them to the table.

Homemade bread soothes.  I remember when Tom had his first cancer surgery almost four years ago.  A nice woman, Janelle, dying of cancer herself (she died two months later) brought doughnuts and you guessed it, homemade BREAD, to the hospital waiting room to us.

It is almost like homemade bread is magic...and apparently I am not the only one who thinks so.

These ladies began "Spread the Bread" a non-profit to show love and kindness in their neighborhood.  It is now a grassroots worldwide movement.  You should read about it.  It makes your nose tingle and your tummy yearn for some.  And makes your hands itch to make some to give away.  :)