Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bob the Builder Award: Meet Mose Gingerich, the Amish "Harriet Tubman"

The Girl stumbled upon it last night on the National Geographic station. 

It is a documentary about young people who choose to leave or run away from their Amish community.  Too bad for some of them and that electricity thing...some of them would find this blog very useful in their decision making.

Surprisingly, the largest population (and growing) of these folks is here in the middle of Missouri.  Columbia to be exact.  They have a leader.

And his name is Mose.

Mose is in the white t-shirt
of course I liked he was in shorts and work boots...

Mose is an "ex-amish" as they call them selves.  He has been in  "out in the world" (Amish translation:  Satan's grasp) for 7 years and now runs a half-way house of sorts for those people who need to figure out how to get acclaimated in the "world."

He clothes them.  Feeds them.  Teaches them work skills that translate to this world.  Helps them get birth certificates and social security numbers.

And helps them buy a car---their biggest desire.

I was deeply touched by his compassion, his sensibility, and groundedness.

I feel like I know a couple things about the Amish.

I know they make de-lic-ous bakery goods.
I know they wear plain colors and got a cool hat (well, actually Weird Al told me that).
I know they are simple, shave their legs, play Rook with friends, and use batteries and sky lights to supply light in their buildings.

I took a tour once of the Amish community about an hour from here.  Their numbers doubled when they allowed their members to wear deoderant.  And own trampolines.

I am part of a super "structured" religion and I am not one to go into the doctrines of another.  I do like to learn about them.  I have seen many, participated in many (the wine drinking of the catholics of Birmingham England was a fun one  :) services, and it is not my place to worry about what the others ones are doing or believing.  

What I learned last night that regardless of what religion, life experience, or social structure that someone may be departing, or leaving to live more as they choose to live, everybody needs a buddy.

A modern day "Harriet Tubman" as Mose called himself.

For whatever reason, I was feeling Mose and his role in life right now.

Maybe it is because we have another guest staying with us.  Misti.  A-dor-able.  No offense to our last month African guests, but Misti speaks english.  A plus.  And doesn't fry goat.  A double plus.

(speaking of goat, contrary to rumor, I do NOT know about the missing goats from the neighboring farm from down the street....)

I feel as though I have "Mose-d" a fair number of folks in this world. 

But out of respect of God who has trusted me to do it and those who we have loved along the way, it is too private to be written here.

The documentary is going to be replayed if you are interested:

Here is to you Mose.