Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Not To Wear (party)

We had the best fun last night at the premier of the "What Not To Wear" show.  We had a party of chicks (mainly from church) all gather and enjoy some snacks and fashion fun together.

Clinton and Stacey would have loved it.

Here is the Facebook write up:

Everyone dressed in clothes they already had in their possession of what we should not be thrift store cheating. Then we each brought a fashion "accessory" to be in a white elephant exchange. We have all promised to wear whatever we ended up from the exchange with to church on Sunday. We passed our white elephant gift to our neighbor on the right of us everytime a body part was mentioned or Stacey said "shut the front door." We had snacks and took pictures. We had a grand prize of a donated day at the spa for the worst dressed...had a tie so they will share it. It was super duper fun.
Here are the pictures.  The faces are hidden to protect their reputations.  :)