Friday, March 2, 2012

The Six Word Memoir

I read about the Six Word Memoir a couple months ago.

It intrigued me. 

Wanna know more?  Go here:

So, last month, a bunch of friends got together on a Monday night for some sloppy joes and a little church talk (commonly known in the LDS world as FHE--Family Home Evening...a custom active Mormons have been doing for about 100 years now....before the commercial gimmick by Parker Brothers for Family Night of Games to schlepp a bunch of over-priced games etc...)

We did the Six Word Memoir activity.  It was very revealing.

It's simple.  Write a six word sentence that defines yourself. Whatever you want it to say.

This is what the Anderson family came up with. 

I was so moved that I printed them, framed it and it is in the family hallway.

I am sure if you know us, you can guess whose is whose.

But I like details and backstory, so you get both.

Mr. Fun wasn't bothered by the Six part of the memoir, so he went with four.  Being the detailed girl that I am, I added the "A" to the "calm in the storm" so that he is one word closer to following the rules.  He usually is a rule-abiding man, except in speed when driving, and apparently memoir writing.
I made his font as practical as possible, in match his eyes. 

I of course have a lot left to see in this world.  And I like a fun font.  It is in teal, my favorite consistant color of my life.

The Girl was a no-brainer.  Star Wars font.  Red.  Art.

The Boy follows his father's suit in not following the "six" part of the rule.  If you know his health history (I wish it was history...flaring up again this week), you can see what he means.  His is in a light blue, to match his lovely blue eyes.

Maybe you won't be sitting around sharing stories with your LDS friends when you do this, but I hope that you do take time to do it.  It is a nice piece of family history.