Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pictures from the purse: Part 3

Barbie Dolls in the Wiring and Lighting section?

My dad always had a lighter like
this when I was growing up.

Because a 1 1/2 year old needs to know
what a hexagon is

I loved this

Someone was wearing this at the WalMart

I love bowling shoes

oh my

What the cart looks like when Mr. Fun comes along

that looks painful

Presidential Pez

This was a scrapbook page I found in
a thrift store.  The book was empty.
Apparently not a lot of people loved Peggy.
Sorry Peggy.

graffiti in the city

How did a feather get in my dryer lint?

The Girl observed that the dog treats and the
Mom treats looked alike.

She was right.  Dog and mom treats.  Same.

Yes, have some.

Red Solo cup.  Literally.

I love shadows.  Our one snowy day this year.

How did they find Mr. Fun?  :)

So much for the loser letters like
Q, X, Z, and V.  Who needs a V, anyway?

Hello, the 80's called and want their clothes back.

This was tiny.  I just liked it.

I wanted to put this on the Mini Cooper, but Mr. Fun
wouldn't let me.  So lame.  :)

The best for last.  I mean,
"Everybody loves (pyschedelic)Jesus".
I am especially intested in
"who and what ticked Him off".