Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pictures from the Purse: What I saw this winter Part 1

It is spring!  Time for spring cleaning...of the photo files!

Tonight is your lucky night.  Come along and see the interesting things I captured with my camera from the purse this winter.

There are so many that this will have to be broken down into three delicious parts!  Of course, the commentary underneath the picture to get the story or my opinion.

I do not have a problem with food stamps.
I DO have a problem that they can buy
gourmet chocolate with their food stamps.

Bacon syrup for Italian Sodas?

I love that communist Boris is flashing the PEACE sign.
I am not sure if he undestands it's meaning...
I know a chick at church that would be
happy to explain it...

Who thought that this is a good
idea for a Chrismas ornament?

I love how they had this huge field
and they were all smashed together in the corner.

Why are there 1,000 stickers for boys
and 500 for girls for the same price?
Sexist sticker pigs.

Saw this in person just like this this summer.
But my picture might be a little better, actually.

This was on the side of the road. 
A country road, in the middle of no where.  ?

I loved loved loved this.  Look
how big those undies are!

The name of this booklet is
"Preparing for a Pandemic".
Free with a purchase of a foot stool.

In case you don't know what
Pandemic cells look like?

This is a LDS Artist and it is local
Salt Lake City event.  In puzzle form,
in KC.  :) At Sam's Club.

A mountain of hot chocolate.
The best sight I saw all winter.  :)

Stay turned for some more tasty morsels....