Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Brother Angel Moroni

Dear Brother Angel Moroni:

Can we talk?

We haven’t connected for a while.  You have been so popular and so busy that I wanted to give you some space and time to transition into your new role as the welcoming symbol of the fully-operational Kansas City Missouri Temple.

You and I have had a good run. 

I believe I am one of the first Missourians (which, technically I am really an Alaskan living in Missouri) to welcome you to your new home.

We have spent a lot of time together alone these last 14 months in rain, sun, heat, clouds, snow, evening, early morning and fog.  And neither of us has been blown away by a tornado.  Yet.  J

We have met a lot of folks who see you from the freeway and can’t help but come and ask who you are.  They are drawn to you and the glow of the building.

 We have seen over 90,000 guests come through your doors,  eating 118,000 snicker doodle cookies during their visit. Sorry, I would have given one to you but you don’t have a fully operational mouth.

Enjoyed your second temple Fun Run.

You have even spent time with a prophet of God.

See, what I mean…you have been busy.

Which brings me to my point today.

We both know that you have “outgrown” me.

 And it’s ok.  It’s right.  Like the time a teenager moves out for the first time… is time.

It has been my privilege to keep you company this last year when you really didn’t have anyone else.

We have had some precious moments together, you and me.

Like when Tom died in June and I came to find peace that night.

And when my mother, who is not LDS,  got to tour the temple even before I did (insert jealous Val here).

I brought some people I really love to see you during the open house which included my wise mentor, my favorite Baptists I make homeless lunches with, and an eskimo boy, far from his Alaskan village home.

Some of our best friends being sealed a few weeks ago.  And other best friends gathered together to attend.

And I loved it when my non-member father said “What’s up with that Angel Macaroni?”   Good times, my friend, good times.
As expected, the time has come for the nature of our relationship to change.

I am moving on to other projects and will not be coming to see you in my housecoat and camera as much.  Which I am sure all those early morning commuters are glad to hear.

But, in some ways, I may be seeing your more than I was.  But only for a passing moment when I go inside and out of the temple.

But I don’t think you will miss me that much.

So many people are visiting you on a daily basis and keeping you company.  Like the mom and her girls who came to eat their Sonic milkshakes last night just to see you.  Or the new temple workers from down south who are going to be sleeping in our guest room while they are in town serving in the temple so they can save some money for their mission in two years.  And just to be clear, they are “ranchers” with farmer tans.  :)

All said, Brother Angel Moroni, I am so happy that our relationship has changed.  There has not been a moment since the temple opened that I have been over there that there isn’t just wonderful, smiling faces standing below you, both inside the temple and out.

I was thinking that sometimes friends dedicate songs to each other.  I would like to dedicate one to you.

I love that you and I are not going to be like that popular song  “Now You’re Just Somebody I Used To Know.” 

I think we are more like “Families Can Be Together Forever.”    Even if we aren’t eating snicker doodle cookies while we are doing it.  J

See you soon, Brother
Sister Val