Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Gift of runs in my blood

Since this is my journal in most aspects, I have to give a shout out to a little thing I have little of time.

The last six months have been a donation, a very large donation, to my God and my fellow men.

When you are in the business of giving away your time and self for free, time is often your best asset you have to give.  However, like all blessings, it can be a curse as well.

But I feel like it contributes to the "big picture" and I know it is the right thing for me to do.  And I figured out it runs in my blood.
The last six months have included working on the temple book, which included helping to put 150 years of history into ten pages.  Photographs of the temple for the book.  Lots and lots of photographs that will never be used.  Maybe some will.  Haven't seen the book yet, so I am not sure.  :)

The Temple Open House.

The Cultural Celebration.  Present to witness a miracle in person.

The Temple Dedication which included an excellant talk by Jeffrey R. Holland, author of the "in the boat" saying in our lives.


The Girl graduates with her Associate's Degree.

Significant recognitions for the photographs from the LDS Church.  The newest being that one of my prints was just selected as the photograph the KC Temple will be giving away to all their marriage couples for the next 9-12 months.  :) 

The Girl's boyfriend leaves for the 2 year mission.

My parents are moving this week.

Grieving period of Tom is at one year.  We ate ice cream sundaes at his grave (his favorite) and I put my grieving to rest.  No pun intended.

Helping ready a homeless women's shelter clothing room.

Sent Mr. Fun overseas a couple times.

Started my own Temple Worker Hostel program that has a couple staying with us three out of the four weeks.  Indefinately.

Hosted three weeks of various company.  Who we love.

Mr. Fun gets Bells Palsey.  During a dinner for 21 at our house.  :)  I hear it was a really fun gathering(we were at the ER).

Started my new Church History photography project "The Mini Mission." Haven't had a second to work on it except for one blog post.  In April.

Got The Boy passing his 9th grade year.  Barely.

Sprinkle in there is everyday life, and you can see why a girl could use a break. 

Which, technically started Thursday afternoon. 

And it has been delicious.
Seems to perfect timing to write a blog about soldiers and their service since we are heading to July 4th week.

I love a good holiday, especially this one because our besties Dave and Carol Tallant throw a big happy "Come one Come all" party.  I love to see how happy it makes Dave to do it, as well as happy everyone is when they attend.  It is a treasured annual tradition. 

But this year, this holiday season means even more to me.

Of all the things that we have passed through as a family these last six months, there is something that I have really been wanting to finish up.....

Our Daughters of the American Revolution application forms.

The Girl and I attended a DAR meeting about a year ago.  We were some of the youngest in the room by decades. 

For me, joining is a way to honor my grandparents (latest count is 17 grandfathers and 1 stud muffin grandmother) service in the way they saw fit to give.

We just received the last document of proof we needed to join, which I will ceremoniously fill it out this week....but of course, Independence Day week.

But there is more.

We took a side field trip to the Lexington Battle Field (google it) the other day on the way home from finishing RYLA.  Our first Civil War field trip.

We read there is a group for them as well....a Daughters of the Confederacy group.  Which, thanks to  grandpa James N. Lovvorn's service, we will be joining for $2 a year as well.

 (this was neat...the military school students
were doing manuvers on the battlefield)

And yesterday, we took a family trip to the traveling Vietnam Wall that has stopped in KC for four days.  We went with my dad, Joe,  a Vietnam Vet.  :)

So, while you eat your watermelon and throw your popping fireworks all over the ground this week, please think of those who gave their service to the big picture.  Because they felt like it was the right thing to do.  It must have run in their blood, too.

(the battlefield of Lexington with current military students sitting
behind the Union soldier cemetery....soo cool)