Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pictures from the Purse....because I was in the mood

My hot rod friend needs these.

Meditating at the Buddhist Shrine.
Apparently I am not a natural at 
quiet, eye-closed meditation.

Nothing says "Stud-licious" 
like a man with only one arm.

Holy hannah!  This is all it 
takes to have a perfect world?
Then why am I doing all this humanitarian work?

Apparently the polygamists
 have their own body wash.

Wives who are annoyed with the purchase
of more tools knows no religious 

Speaking of polygamy

I have thrown a lot of parties.
Now you know my secret of being
the life of the party...
picking my butt.

I am thinking of investing in some art...

What?  Amish guys need crafts too

Another use of duct tape

Mr Fun would DIE if someone threw
soap in our water feature...

Nothing says "We are not liable for damage to your car"
like some grilled Thank You Salmon

Propane and a smoke break...

We counted up this list between us...
there are only three places we haven't been.
Geez, we just need to get out more.

So creepy

Catch the irony?

If you say so...

Just to be clear....

Santa and Frosty's off-season gig....garbage men

Answer:  Three things that apparently can kill the public library.

Complex to me is geometry...not my salad.

An oldie but maulings in the family picture

A hobby I am looking into

Look what you are getting for your
next birthday....snake and mongoose art

I love this store stocker....

I bet someone I know feels this way....

To quote myself from the Facebook:
Geography lesson of the day:
Japan and its monkeys don't live in Alaska.
And as of 1867, Alaska became part 
of the "domestic" part of the United States.

We received this with no 
announcement information.  

What happens to bananas when a snow
storm comes to town.

I bet you wished you had had one NOW

Lamanite bowling for you Mormons

The Grand Champion of this edition of 
Pictures from the Purse:
Best friend holds your hair
back when you puke your guts out
at a party.
And yes, for reals,
the puker is related to me.  :)