Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Val's "Krank-y" Christmas

"Free Frosty.  Free Frosty."  I think Mr. Fun says it every time he drives into the driveway.  Here is why:

If you have seen "Christmas with the Kranks"
you will remember that they took the year off because
they were going to travel.  The neighbors weren't impressed.
See the red arrow.  That is the extent of our
Christmas decorating outside in Andersonville.
You know those movies where the whole street
is decorated and there is one house smack in the middle
that is black and lightless. 

That is us.  Right in the middle of five other homes
who are decorated. 

I felt the pressure so I put out the three snowflakes.

This is our neighbors.  Next door.
They moved in this summer.

Rest assured that my "Krank-yness" isn't just
limited to outside.

As evidenced by this years tree: