Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: The Marines who dug by hand

I don't know much about football fields and their sizes. 
They are big.  That is what I know.

If you know me well, you may know that I hate to have
dirty hands.  I have some weird thing about washing them
as soon as they are dirty.  It isn't germ driven.  I am not worried
about that.  What bothers me is the texture of things on my skin.
Dirt, chalk, and most of all.....sand.
I hate hate hate sand.

So imagine if I were a Marine, dedicated to not leaving one
brother behind (which I love that thought).

Remember that pilot, Scott Speicher, shot down
in the first Persian Gulf War?
Eighteen years ago?

Come to find out, the Marines have looking for his body
this whole time.  To bring him home.

I don't know about the size of Iraq, but it seems a pretty
big place to find a skeleton.  I might have given up.

But the Marines didn't.  That is one reason why
they are so cool I think.

They did it.  They found Pilot Scott.

You know how they did it?

Based on local intel, the Marines dug BY HAND
"turning over four football fields
worth of desert sand 4 foot deep."

RIP Pilot Scott.