Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? Let's go see the Amish

During the Thanksgiving holiday, with all the company, we took those city dwellers about an hour northeast to a tiny town (and for you living somewhere bigger than tiny, I mean TINY--one stop SIGN--not light) named Jamesport.  It is an amish community, which actually it isn't.  Let me give you the run down about the Amish quickly:  (I took a tour once and this is what I remember)

Amish people have a national publication.  If I decided to start my own community (as they are called), I could place an ad in the publication and lay out where we would live, what our standards or community rules would be, etc.  Anyone could come join up with us. Jamesport is the largest amish community west of Pennsylvania.  It is a desired location for three main reasons:  they allow deodorant, indoor toliets, and the land is only $1,500 an acre vs. the Pennsylvania amish at $6,000 an acre.  This community has about 1,500 (last count I heard).  They allow trampolines (good exercise and they can sleep on them at night in the summer) no bikes (the folks could run away) and no curtains.  No carpeting so they make great rugs.  No buttons and they are allowed to shave their legs.  They have power...battery power.  Solar lights.  They don't have a church building, but members take turns hosting the whole group at their farm for church.  Which last four hours.  No soft pews.  Hard benches.  Meeting in reformed German.  These amish aren't allowed to live in town with the Mennonites, but they do business there...including shopping and banking.

It is considered RUDE and BLASPHAMOUS to take their picture, but I snapped some others to give you an idea.

I rode in the back of a car with three dogs on me. 
They were thinking "You're so dreamy" until they later met The Girl.

This is the hand of the driver....look carefully.  I put my index
finger up to compare the size of our hands for you.
He is huge.  I was hobbit sized compared to him.
That is why his dogs get to crawl all over me. 

Literature from the Mennonite Cafe where we had lunch.
I got these for the Girl.  I want her to be prepared
to be able to get out of spiritual prison.
"Hi, would you like some apple pie to go
with you on your way to Hell?" electricity

Jamesport is known for its baked goods
and baking items.  They have a great general
store of sorts and bulk food store.
That is a LOT of Rice Crispies.

Bags and bags of treats

Baby in an orange bag anyone? A little creepy

The view from the store bathroom.  Only light source. 
Glad no Amish men were roofing that day!

Bonus shots!  :)
A little farmland is your lucky day

These are huuuuuge farm bales.  This about three stories tall.

Who said Missourians aren't festive?
Happy Saturday.