Friday, March 12, 2010

Bob the Builder Award: Patty, the Queen Mother

See this chick....this is minutes before she presented to the United Nations.  Look how cool she is...not a drop of sweat anywhere.  Isn't she beautiful? The Girl edited this picture for me.

She is affectionately known as the Queen Mother in Africa and Patty here in the states.  She was one of my roommates in New York and wow!  Talk about a go-getter. 

She provides a voice for those who are voiceless in Africa--women and children.  She has been there so many times that she said she stopped counting after her 15th trip. 

And she, my friends, does it all as a volunteer.

If you ask her her story she will tell you that she had a feeling one day she should go to Africa and help the orphans.  So she did. 

It is true. It is no denying that she is one of my new "besties." 

She shared the story of women giving birth in beds with yucky or no sheets.  So the next trip she hauled over some sheets for ladies to have.  Small offering for us, no doubt, but not so small to them.  She said something that I believe and try to live:  "Everyone has their sheets to give." 

The point being is that while she goes to Africa to help the people there, I can give my "sheets" here at home to the homeless or running the book sale at the elementary school.  Or be nice to my kid's friend. 

Perhaps your "sheets" include donating to your church a little extra, snowplowing a driveway or giving some food to the food bank. 

As my other compassionate bestie, Marilyn, says-- find your passion
Good luck in finding your sheets.