Sunday, March 28, 2010

A postman named Joe

I cannot stop loving that new family history show--"Who Do You Think You Are?" on Friday nights on NBC.  We DVR it and watch it on Sundays after church.  What a treat.

This week, they researched Matthew Broderick's history.  The short of it is was he had a grandfather who was quiet.  Not a man of many words, and Matthew wanted to know why. 

Come to find out, Matthew's grandfather, Joe--the man of few words, had a big story to tell.

Winner of the Purple Heart.  Medic in World War 1.  Won the Silver Star.  And happened to not mention a word of it to his family.

Matt found out he had another great grandfather who served in Civil War.  This grandfather fought and survived Gettysburg, the same exact location that Matthew played his famous movie roll in "Glory."  The same battle, the same field as his ancestor. 

Grandpa was shot in the head and killed by a musket.  He ended up being buried in a grave in Merietta outside of Atlanta.  Unknown Soldier grave number 2469.  He laid in rest for 143 years, lost to his family and human kind...until now.

Matthew the movie star said something that I will never forget.  Speaking of his grandfather Joe, the man of few words, Matt said, "To me, he has always just been Joe the postman."  Until now.

There is such power of knowning your ancestry.  If you do not know it, you should learn it.  You will never regret it.  :)