Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wanna take a field trip? New York....Neeeeew Yoooooooork

Greetings from Park Avenue (no, really) New York, New York.

I am in a hotel room with all these talented and amazing women.  I am so humbled that it makes me want to cry.  No, really. 

I have some photographs to share with you,  but not from this pesky laptop.  I will "field trip" them with you later.  Just think of me as a reporter (my tiny volunteer work is as about as significant and contributory as a reporter with a camera and no gun with soldiers in Iraq fighting the guys who think differently than we westerners do) imbeded in the tank....just hoping to share the stories I am living with you.

First and foremost, this is NOT a man-bashing session. There aren't lesbians everywhere, not that it would matter if there were.

There are 2,000 movers and shakers women from around the world, gathered here together, discussing issues that that matter most.  Trafficking of women and girl children.  The stoning of women to death.  The economic impact of climate change on women.  The exploitation of females in media.  Creating lives for lepers.  Teaching african children how to stay alive from AIDS.  The weighter matters of life.

I have never been to New York and I am really liking the city.  It is not as dirty as I thought it would be.  It isn't as crowded as I thought.  I like it.

My brain is tired tonight so I am off to bed.  I have a fun list of things I have done.

I was going to type something but I just forgot.

The good news I got from home tonight was that The Girl got a 4th place finish for the State PTA for one pieces of her artwork and a honorable mention for another.  :)