Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bob the Builder Award: The Mormon "Church Ladies"

Today's Bob the Builder goes to a small group of women (and some funding from the Rotary and some other folks from the community like Mom and Betty) who have given a whole lot in the last 16 months.  They are the ladies from my church group we call the Relief Society.  Our goal is to build families and serve those who are in need.

About 18 months ago I was asked to lead the ladies in doing charitable donations of time or goods here, to serve the local population of Kansas City.  With my Rotary connections, my natural curiosity and my big mouth-not afraid to ask folks or groups what they need, it has been working out nicely. 

We call our projects "Church Ladies" projects.

We have formed an unofficial business partnership with my Rotary club (that I never go to because of illness--thanks Rotary for your support even though I am not there) and whoever else would like to participate.

Everyone wins. 

Here are some shots of some of the different things we have been doing:
We wrote a year end report like all good organizations.  Here it is:

August 2009
Foster Care System
Donated school supplies

September 2009
At-Risk Family Center
Donated winter coats

November 2009
Ronald McDonald House
Donated homemade/store bought greeting cards
December 2009
Northland Christmas Store for the poor
Supplied tour guides for patrons

December 2009
At-Risk Adult Needs Center
Supplied families Christmas gifts

January 2010
Homeless Shelter
Donated homemade cookies and new pairs of socks
#576 cookies
#50 pairs of socks

March 2010
Central American Medical Mission
Used formals for at-risk teens
#81 supplies
#17 dresses (I think)

May 2010
Northland Cathedral Church Job Fair
Donated homemade cookies

August 2010
Clay County Children Services
Donated books for their family rooms

August 2010
Baptist Church
Donated food and help for a funeral
#10 desserts
#10 salads
#72 rolls
5 servers

September 2010
Military Families over seas
Collected and readied coupons for food/non-food
Donation total: 34,682 items or services
The LDS folks believe that when you are in the service of your fellow men, you are also in the service of God.  :)  (looks like a