Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do you see what I see?

Wanna take a tour of the views from some of my days?

Sunday afternoon in Andersonville...for real

All taken at the same day and time

The view from my windows:
The computer space

The back yard

Pulling into the driveway

From the kitchen counter

Out and about:
After some yummy chinese, you are
welcome to some candy/mints, or of course
the all natural cheese balls you
scoop out into your hand....?
at the public library

Look at the size of this thing...
there is only ONE man I know that could
handle all this brother

My nemesis:  The dropped fall leaves

This is what my yard should look like:

This is reality:

Last, but not least:
Views of the folks in the house
What The Girl wears when she
plays her dancing video game...sorry Girl
you are now ratted out.

My dad and The Girl's hands

Me, the most popular person in the house...
everyone wants food from me.  :)

Side note:  I don't really own four cats.
Two are here until we find a nice home for them.
Anyone wants some cats?  :)