Thursday, November 11, 2010

My favorite holiday tradition

Greetings from Krank-ville!  The number one question for Val this holiday season is "Are you putting the tree up this year?"  Remember last year I made a tree out of paper, that stuck on the wall. 

Good question.  I don't know yet.

Mr. Fun had wrist surgery this week.  His dominate hand will be out of it for the next ten weeks.  Translation:  tree putter upper and light stringer.  The boy is sick sick and doesn't really go to school anymore.  And Tom is sicker.

So the great question of the Christmas tree of 2010 is far from my mind.

But, one holiday tradition is not.

After spending the morning this morning, hidden in my warm bed, reading about the dying process --"terminal illness is a marathon"--bawling my eyes out, I came down to my email to strange news.

A really great family lost their job this week.

I could get some bargain prices at the Big Lots tomorrow.

And ElfYoursef is ready.

My favorite!!