Friday, March 18, 2011

Things that make you go "hummm"

You know I love a picture.  Especially a picture with some wacky story. 

Like the "stories" you see on that People of Walmart website wacky.

I carry a small camera in my purse (learned that from Cheryl) and I always have something I find.  I usually have to do it on the the quality isn't high.  Enjoy!

need some BBQ sauce?

Need some chocolate and liqueur to go with said BBQ sauce?
I hear it is a winning combination...
not being a drinker, how good IS alcohol
that is only $2.00?

Where does the cat end and the rug begin?

Isn't this ADORABLE?  Marshmellow, frosting and 1/2 Lifesaver mint

I think I would panic too if I were
drowing in pink chocolate

Legwarmers?  For reals?
Taking a picture of the Amish is like
slipping alcohol in my hot chocolate.
I apologize Amish guys...I
just COULD NOT help myself.
Fortunately, these folks don't read
blogs so they don't KNOW I dis-
repected their belief about no photos

uh, hello, the modesty cover sort of missed the point

Meet Sparta, the naughty naughty cat.
He is slyly trying to wrap his tail around the dog
and reach out to touch him...which of course
the dog always hates.  I love this sly cat look.
He was like "watch this"

Ice cream man must have spring fever

Can you see some grandma latch hooking
her grandchild a nice skull pillow?
I love all the other patterns around

It was fun to see an old fashion nun

what the h-e-double toothpicks? 
Someone got paid to think this is a nice toy idea?
Can I get that job?
Nothing says "I love you Valsy" like a fresh cat kill.

Saw this sign in Southern Missouri
and guess what great Alaskan symbol they had next to the sign
.....wait for it.....

That is right, friends...the mighty Alaska Bull....elephant.

Have a great weekend!