Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wanna go for ice cream?

In the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," there is a line where one of the actors yells "I'm not dead yet!"  That is the theme of today's blog...

On Saturday when the nurse said Tom was entering his death coma phase, she said that in all her history of of hospice care no one had ever recovered from the place he was.

Well, today they said it again. No one has ever come back from the quasi death coma.

Until now.

Tom is walking. Talking. Remembering. Eating. Smiling. Joking. Being stubborn. He had ice cream with his daughter today. At the ice cream shop. We took this picture by the mail box today.

He is somewhat annoyed that we are all acting like his being where he is now is some big deal. "Why are all you guys acting like I am dying?"

The are sure the disease has spread. The cancers are growing. They have him on a pump of medicine. Before the pump, he was taking (two of many) two super duper pain pills every four hours. Now he is taking the equivalent of 7 of those pills an hour.

This may be temporary. It may not. Today his nurse Jessie said "We are throwing out everything textbook we know when it comes to Tom."

If we had a dollar for every time the medical specialists have said this phrase to him, we'd all be rich.