Monday, February 28, 2011


This will be brief.  My eyes are fuzzy and I have company (hey Darrel!  Tiel is in town for a day!)

Tom Allison is dying.  No, I mean really dying. 

The hospice people say that he could be in a coma by the end of the week and that he will not regain consciousness.  Some folks think it could be weeks before he passes because his healthy organs are just that...healthy.  And strong.  Other folks think it will be quicker. 

I am hoping it is not at all.

But of course he is.  And will.

I don't to hear another person say "Well, you think you are ready in your mind but you really aren't."  Got it.  Helper.

I have loved lots of people who have died.  This isn't my first dance.

I am a little angry today.  Could you tell?

Gotta go.  Dishes are calling.