Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Tom Celebration Talk about "That Guy"

To wrap up the Celebration of Tom report, I want to record here what I generally said.  Tom said he wanted me to give the "happy part" of the funeral talk I will deliver after he passes away.

Insert my best happy voice, my best cheery smile, and read along.
The "Everything you want to know about Tom Allison but were afraid to ask" Talk 

A second grade magnet experiment with electricity is the defining moment of why he became an electrician.
Hostess cupcakes.
LOVES Shania Twain
He got hit on by a 86 year old grandma posing as a 68 year old
He is in a bowling league with a felon known as the "trigger man" and the "hood rat" gangsters
Likes girly gossip
Pushing buttons and twisting knobs
Favorite famous folks include Jesus, Darth Vader and Boba Fett.
Loved the show "24" when it was on tv
Loves safety but doesn't necessaryily think all safety rules apply to him
Owned giant flashlights with the name of Cyclops and Thor
Screws in outlets and light switches have to be perfectly up and down...union work sign
Tried on my giant pioneer hoops
Loves movies with the Rock (no, that is me)
He is "all natural"
Music--most kinds
World record holder in the one song he can play--Smoke on the Water
Official Saint in the Universal Life Church
New poster child for Adidias clothing
Dropped "trou" at the Star Wars Convention to try on a skirt--kilt
For some strange reason, thinks that the song Flash by Queen and the movie Flash Gordon are the greatest media ever made.

He is known throughout the land as the guy who gives unconditional service.  He is always serving and never asks for anything in return.  I once asked him why he gave so much, and he said it was because he wanted to be "that guy".  That guy that people turned to when they are in need. 

I thought it would be cool to share what some services he has done while living here in Missouri:Habitat for Humanity
Northland Christmas Store
Made meals for Haiti
Collected stuffed animals for little girls in Iraq
Shoes for orphans
Countless home projects
Church projects
Pearls for Kathy
Over 1400 lunches for the homeless
DNA test for Natalie
Earrings for the hospital nurses
Served in Boy Scouts
Donated to Salvation Army
Presented to children
Relay for Life Cancer walks
Electrical work
Countless rides
Hurrican Katrina for three weeks
donated clothing to the poor
Worked at the homeless shelter
and is a recipient of the Lifetime Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States

Then I had everyone in the room who has received some of Tom's service or worked with Tom  in service stand up...
I bet there were only about 5 people who didn't stand.  It was overwhelming and my favorite part of the evening.  It made me so happy that he could see everyone he had worked with as well as his children saw his life and how it had touched them.

My parting words:
There is a saying from Chalms: (insert some crying here)You have written your name in kindness, love and service.  Your name and your good deeds will never be forgotten. 

There is another saying by Buddah:  which I got of a  matchbox that Natalie sent to me
Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. 

Tom, you have been that light. 

You are that candle.

We will no sooner forget our friendship with you than we would our own name
Love, Val