Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Life is Beautiful" by Nikki Stixx

I learned from the great John Phillips about a song called "Life is Beautiful" by Nikki Stixx about how it takes a funeral to remind you that life if beautiful.

We are two days out...from my first living funeral.

I read about it years ago when I was a newlywed.  I always told Mr. Fun I wanted one.  Event planning one is just as good.  Especially when it is for one of your best friends.

It isn't a funeral at all, though.  It is a celebration.  With snacks.  But of course.

The Celebration of Tom is on Friday and we are in super-duper amped up mode to get ready.

The Girl made this...

13 guests are flying in...some are here already.  Spread out in 5 houses.  Across about 25 miles.
Tom and I are working on three guest rooms ourselves. 

Some of those folks are sharing their homes with 4 cats and a dog.  One house has five dogs.

Food.  Food. And more food.

I had 10 RSVPs today.  That is about 135 confirmed and about 35 we aren't sure.

We will have six people taking photographs. 

A guy from TV is coming to make a sort of documentary for the hospice people.

We have Mr. Fun and the Boy running a video camera to film like video postcards for Tom to watch later.

The Girl is in charge of names tags...which will say cleaver little things like "Val--friend"  "Destin--cousin".  People like order and to know how we all fit.

There will be a program.  One of Tom's best friends from high school will speak.  A power point.  Me.  I declined the first several times he asked me.  I am speaking at the "sad" funeral I said.  He said I can say the good stuff at this one, and then tell more sad things at the other one.  So basically I have to write out the whole funeral talk and then give only the cheery half.  Strange way to deliver a talk.

I am most excited to see how happy Tom will be.  Especially during the Open Mic part of the program. 
All those loving words said about him. And he is here to hear them for himself.

For those of you who are going to be in attendance, get your party face on.  :)

For those of you who won't be there in person, we will have plenty of fun for you to look through after.

Life, this Friday, will be beautiful.