Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Edition of Pictures from the Purse: Religious

In honor of Easter's arrival, I thought it called for a showing of my collection of pictures from my purse (camera) that have a religious theme. 


from the Easter Inspirational section of the Walmart.
I bet Cecil DeMille did not know he would share
shelf space with Hannah Montana...

some people apparently don't get what a donation is...
I have never seen a "required donation"
Is that like our favorite oxymoron:  best of the Bee Gees
(nothing personal Bee Gees, I like you...but it is a good
family joke on the Anderson side)

Annoyed wives know no religious boundaries

A sign at the thrift store run by the nuns
I like that they really mean it.

I didn't know a gorilla was known for gentle answers.
I have wondered who sat around and thought,
"you know, we should put an abstract of an angry gorilla
with a scripture...now THAT will speak peace"

The LDS folks didn't get the memo that God gave us
wine to lift our spirits.  Shucks.
She does look happy.

Here is a little shout out for the Mormon artists.
These covers are done by LDS painters.
Found on books at the local Sam's Club.
Next to the autobiography of Cookie Monster.
(I bet Jesus liked Cookie Monster better
before he converted to veggies too)

From the car show

I liked this chapter title.

errr..something seems a miss here.
Does the guy with the gun need protective glass?

Once a very important LDS church leader told
me I was "cheeky."  I had to look it up.
Maybe that has something to do with why
I am serving in the library?  :)  Again.
Like a time-out chair for Valsy.

These crack me up.  I had to buy the beer once for Rotary.
This is what they got.  I told them, "You never send
a Mormon to buy the beer...make the coffee....brew the tea."
They haven't asked since.
You know I am a friar, but I think I might have gone with
the Hebrew beer.  I mean, it is the "Chosen Beer."

These are folks that don't shave their legs, wear buttons, use
mirrors, or have carpeting, but they have upgraded to
wheeled luggage.  :)  Priorities.

In seriousness though:
I can tease about all these funny images,
but there is truth to the Gospel of Jesus' words.
Even beyond that, just living a life that one
feels to be true and right.

I see it everywhere.
I saw it when I stood by a monk who has followed the Dahli Lama's
ways and given up everything material and earthly to live his truth.
I saw it just tonight when the boy scout and I counted out
4,537 pieces of candy donated by the LDS Church Ladies
for the Homeless Men's Shelter for Easter.  I know,
nothing says "Celebrate the resurrection of the Saviour of
mankind" like Reece's peanut butter balls.  But still.

I saw it when I secretly watched my one neighbor helping
unload another neighbor's bricks.  Both neighbors,
of which, who have served our family.

I have seen it when the most talented people I know donate
(not a required donation mind you)
their time to children they don't know.
(this is all-powerful judge in the state of MO)

I have seen it when strangers come together to send
notes of encouragement in emails
to Japanese kids they will never meet. 
Catching them before they fall.
To help lift them up. 

I have seen it when people came from every walk of life
to say a proper good bye to a great man.
Who, as Dave so perfectly said, is great because he
doesn't try to be great. 
I wish I was great like that.

I have seen it when my parents have
opened their home to probably hundreds
of people they don't really know
to help them feel welcome and cared about.
God bless my parents.
By the way, do you have Easter plans?
Let me know if you don't.  We have room.

I see it in people who
serve with smiles.
The same kind of smiley people who sat in my
driveway recently and listened to my
heart ache.  Free of charge. 

I have seen it enlarge a heart.

I am prone to wander.
It is in my blood.
That is why I have so many strange
pictures of so many different things.
I hope in all my wanderings, I don't accidently
wander away from my truth.

There are words from a hymn that sum it up
Bind my wandering heart to Thee.
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love;
Here’s my heart, O take and seal it,
Seal it for Thy courts above.

Happy Easter.