Monday, April 25, 2011

Wanna take a field trip? How about the Tweed Valley, Scotland

We were in the British Isles two years ago for a few weeks. 

I posted blogs about Ireland.  Northland Ireland.  England.  And just two measely pictures of Scotland.

The most beautiful part of the trip.

We got to Scotland in the blogging world, and I seem to remember some sort of medical traumas and upheaval so I never got to give Scotland the credit that Scotland was due.  It has bothered me since.

If I (Scotland) had hosted me (Val), and I (Val) had raved throughout the entire countryabout how great it was, I (Scotland) would want me (Val) to rave to my (Val) adoring fans.  Ok, fanS might be a stretch--meaning my mother and some old buddies from my past.
My Long Overdue Ode to
The Tweed Valley,Scotland
(insert bag pipes here)
It was such a beautiful place that
I have nothing to say.  Just enjoy the view

This is the view from our castle room

There you go Scotland.
Your beauty made me weep for joy.
I feel that I have now repaid my debt to you.
Thanks for hosting us.  :)