Friday, April 15, 2011

Wanna take a field trip? Let's "staycation" in the yard

"The best cheap family vacation or staycation can be in your own backyard. "

At least that is what the internet says.  And you know everything on the internet is true, true, true.

In our case, it is a nice vacation.  Cheap?  Hardly.

When we were looking for our home here in KC, we had two very different desires. 

I wanted a guest room that had four walls and a door that could be shut.  I was sick of guests on the day bed in the tv room.

Mr. Fun wanted a nice yard.

Fortunately, the cost of living in Missouri is so much cheaper than Salt Lake, we both got what we wanted.

I no longer have to see other people's personal belongings and sometimes messes (including undies and pretzle wrappers) strewn about the family room in the basement. 

Mr. Fun got his yard.  A whole lot of yard.

The messes have simply moved outside.
This is last summer in it's green place
This week
You know Mr. Fun has 7 weeks of vacation basically coming to him this year.  SEVEN.  He never takes of days unless he is leaving town or excepting for one time of year (well, actually two:)  1.  The holidays if his vacation days have to be used up and (drum roll please...) 2. work in the yard. 

Let me introduce you to The Backyard.
I call the fish his "girlfriends." 
Like his cell phone, computer and super giant tv.

Last summer

This is Tony Stewart.  He has "googly" eyes. 
 He is all trouble. 
I know it sounds dumb, but fish really do have
their own personalities.
This is Macaroni and Cheese
and Japan

This is the very expensive fish food that
the "locals" (translation:  raccoons or oppsums)
found recently.
This is a "rain garden." 
 Princess Leah likes to look at herself in the mirrors.
One mirror I found on the side of the road and the
other at thrift store for $5.00

Red Buds
Pear Trees

We have a three tiered fountain that feeds into the
10 foot by 20 foot pond.  I like the milky look.

I like the light squiggles look.
Such fancy horticultural names.

Japanese Maple.
I have thrown river pebbles almost
everywhere that grass won't grow
(that is what that gray is behind the Maple)

Buddah Frog.
Gifty from Dave and Carol.

This is the new feature on my new camera...
miniture toy.  Cool eh?
This is really a life-size bridge.
Built by Tom and Bobert.

The real size version.
Tom and I built this Chinese Arch last fall.
The bridge is going to be over the
recirculating river bed we are building this year.
This is it's temporary home over the
Meditation Rain Garden.
(just getting in touch with my Asian roots)

We have guests.  Lots of them.

Said fish food uninvited snack eater

Mr. Dragonfly of last summer

Migrating Monarchs

Creepy crawlies...yuck
I do love the look of the "eyes"

Coho.  Yep, for you Alaskans,
Joe and Carol named him after the salmon.

The other morning from the front door

Some cats get out, some cats don't.

 Cherry Bloosom
If you can't make it to DC for the festival,
come to Andersonville.   I can dance
a festive dance and we could actually
celebrate "Festivus" in our evening hours
I sure love the pink and blue
Trees from the porch
I love that their colors are unedited. 

Lovely Lotus from the pond last summer.

Here's a happy springtime to us all.
By the way, this is my 400th blog post.  :)