Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes and Chik Filet

Have you ever cried when you opened a shoe box?  I bet there is a kid or two who have.

Billy Graham and I probably have more in common than you would think at first glance.  We both believe in Christ and His work.  We both seem to be conservative.  We both have sent a child we don't know a shoe box full of candies and treats.  That is my favorite commonality.

Operation Christmas Child is a project administered by the Graham ministry called Samaritin's Purse. 

Regular people like you and me make the project go.  I heard about in SLC probably 15 years ago.  Mr. Fun and I were new college grads with a baby.  Money was tight, but I found a dollar store and filled the box to the brim with treasures like pencils, candy, small toys which were gender specific.  I added a couple dollars to help pay for the postage, a simple note from our family and dropped it at a local non-LDS church site.  There were boxes everywhere!  All shapes and sizes. Samaritan's Purse takes them around the world, and actually gives them with a small write-up about Jesus Christ.

 I did this every year for years, until the post got to expensive and the local church was not a collection site anymore. 

It was a sad day for me when I could no longer find a local site that participated.

But the other day, when we ate at Mr. Fun's Beloved Chick Filet, there were fliers everywhere regarding the project.  I am so happy! 

One year, we actually got a response from the box that we sent.  Her name was Sveta and she was a young girl from the Ukraine.  We pen paled with her for about a year, and then one day the letters stopped and we never heard from her again.  I don't know what happened to Sveta, but I do know that Billy Graham and his family kept their word and delivered our dollar store treasure box to her for us.  :)