Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6 things you might not know about The Valsy

There was a list in the People Magazine of six things I didn't know about Usher.  Considering I didn't know who Usher was (heard him sing on Am Idol a few weeks ago) the list of things could have been a LOT longer. 
Here are six things about me that you might not know about me and Usher

1.  Pet Peeve: 
Usher:  Driving a dirty car.
Val:  People who "cut" in line. 

2.  Dying to meet: 
Usher wants meet Scarlett Johansson because he "likes her vibe." 
Val:  I would like to meet a true Masasi.  Their "vibe" includes a great red giant pashmina, considered deadly warriors, and see how high they jump....that is because someone just told him that I wanted to come to his house for dinner.
post script:  My brother met some Masai two years ago when he was in Africa.  He took some clothes to share with the tribe, and one of them was the lucky winner of the Sturgis T-shirt I gave Brother several years ago.

Travel Essential: 
Usher:  His cigar holder that keeps them fresh
Val:  my camera (speaking of trips, we are field tripping to The Kewpiesta World Convention on Friday.  No, I am not kidding.  My father calls them the "bald-headed bastards.")

Favorite Chore: 
Usher:  cooking breakfast for his kids
Val:  not cooking breakfast. 
Val:  if I like doing it, is it a chore?  I like folding warm out-of-the-dryer laundry.

Spectator Sport:
Usher:  Basketball
Val:  Short Track speed skating with Apollo Anton Ohno

Dream Role:
Usher:  Harold in Harold and Maude (?)
Val:  Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Have a great day!  :)  I am off to officially join the Usher fan club.