Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wanna take a field trip? Would you like a spot of tea in Kearney?

I am not really a good candidate to attend a Republican Tea Party for a couple reasons....1) I am Mormon.  I don't drink tea.  2)  I am not a Republican. 

I am not a Democrat either.  I am an Independent...I know, big surprise.  Val and the word "independent" in the same sentence....I just am all about the right guy for the right job. 

One year in college in Utah, I was the Democratic Party District Chair because in that district, there were TWO democrats, both in their late 70's.  We felt bad, so Mr. Fun and I took turns representing them even though we weren't registered Democrats.  We even attended the County Convention.  :)  I am all about the process.

Mom and the Girl
But two of my favorite women in my life (well, one woman and one mostly woman) invited me along.  I have a long lens on the new camera, so I can photograph and stalk without others hey!  Let's go to Kearney, the home of Jesse James, the bank robber....err, which the locals will attest that he was never convicted.  Can you say "sore subject?"

Here is what I learned:

*It was NOT a Democratic Bash Session.  They didn't stand around bashing the government, President Obama, or how everyone who is a Democrat is going to Hell.  There were speakers, and one was actually very good.  He is a fomer Marine who is specializing in the Constitution.

*Not everyone who has passion for this subject is a good public speaker.

*I should have taken a lawn chair to sit on. 

*There was no fun music.

*Everyone listened very politely and reverently.

*It is all about the message you want to convey.  "Don't Tread on Me" was the number one motto.

A little family history side note of the yellow flag:
My dad is a distant cousin of Christopher Gadsden
from South Carolina who invented it during the Revolution.  :)

This guy was MORE than proud to pose for his picture
(that is because he caught me trying to get his shirt...busted!)
He had his own flag appealing to Heaven...not sure what he wanted.
I know he was looking for Sarah, a blogger.
He was bummed I wasn't her.
He should have appealed harder I guess.  :)
Or been more specific.

This guy wasn't a good speaker,
he is about 150 years old. 
World War 2 Vet Hero.
People stood in line to shake his hand.

There were all kinds of folks there.  Young, old, males, females.  Dogs.
This 18 year old kid declared his
intention to run for President in 2036.
Talked about the sexualization of
young people.  He must have been at
the UN Class in New York I was at.

Tea Party folks often call themselves
Constitutional Conservatives.
Meaning it isn't about politics, but about
how do the policys being created fit into
the framework of the Consititution.

Look at these folks.  See their fingers on their mouths.
I looked up body language and it is defined
as something like "thinking and having something
they want to say but aren't saying it yet." 
There were a lot of thinking folks there.
Even my mom did it.  Look back up at her picture.

Last, but not least, I saw a lot of children.
This mother was so tender with her boy.
This girl was a HAND.FUL.  This was the only
way Dad could keep her quiet.  She hung like
this for a long, long time.  Had coooool hair.
The Girl was jeal-ous.
I like this one.  Reminds me of a painting where a boy
is walking with his father and
the dad is wearing a superhero cape. 
The bottom line of what I learned today is that these
people love their families, their country, and many
of them unabashedly love their God.
Time well spent.
PS/  We got invited to the Million March on September 11th
in DC.  They are talking of taking buses from Kansas City.
Now THAT sounds like a field trip!