Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scary Microburst Storm Post Script --the miracle of the generator

Happy International Day of Peace

Want to hear something warm and fuzzy on Peace Day?
I wanted to get permission first from Tom before I shared this
story from the Microburst storm clean up.  He is private
and I didn't want to embarrass him.  Like your own blog
post from last week wasn't embarrassing enough? 

By the way, thanks for the cards and letters.
He said it is like opening a little Christmas gift.

He wanted me to share this story because he
said it wasn't about him.  It is about the power of God,
our Heavenly  Father.


So we are raking and working down the
street, and some fellows (the one with yellow shed from
the pictures of yesterday)
had a generator that wasn't working.

Tom heard the scuttlebutt on the street,
and wandered over to see if he could help.
He is a Master Electrician, kind
of like being a master like Darth Vader.

And it was true.

The generator wasn't working.
Some sort of wiring something or other....
as you can see, I am NOT a master electrician.

Not only did Tom get the generator working
for these three guys that might be confused
as Hell's Angels members, but in
his spare time he rewired the whole
electrical panel.

For free.

Saving them an emergency call electrician bill,
and hundreds of dollars.

One of them said it best:

"God put an electrician in
our driveway as soon as we needed one."

How cool is that?  :)
Happy Peace Day