Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wanna see a miracle? I got proof

Be sure to read to the bottom.  I need your help.
A lot of folks say that miracles no longer happen.  That there is no God and consequently, no miracles.

Be that as it may, I believe in miracles.

Maybe not the kind of miracles modern day folks are dreaming of.  You know....the world peace kind.

I am pretty simple. 

Get out bed, be nice as I can (which some days go better than others), and help out where I am needed.  "Do a good turn daily" according to the Boy Scouts.

I try to "connect the dots" as my friend says.  Trying to see the miracle of everyday living.  See where the dots of life come together in a miraculous way.

I have seen some great things this world has to offer.  Hamlet's castle (it is real).  The Great Wall of China. My boy going to school full time again.  A world record guitar playing of Smoke on the Water.  My brother eat green salad.  As I said, some great wonders have graced my eyes.

There is another miracle I have witnessed..  His name is Tom.

If you have followed this boring blog from time to time, you have read of him.  Stage Four Renal Cell Carcinoma.  Translation:  terminal kidney cancer.  At age 37.  Three young children.  "An old white man's disease."

He was the image of great health.   Never sick.  Ate right. 
Careful how he treated his body.
Wanna see a picture from before he was diagnosed:

Wanna see a picture now?

I know he looks tired, but this is the look of a
warrior.  A man of miracle.

I once heard a guy say that grey hair was a sign of life's battle being won.  This is the picture of a man who has beat the odds.

Given one year to 18 months to live, Tom is coming up on his 4 year mark of aliveness.

I was there when the doctor said that no one lives with kidney cancer longer than 18 months.
I heard it with my own ears. But I have seen different with my own eyes.

We recently learned that all six or seven people who were diagnosed at the same time with the same cancer (his "class") have been dead for at least two years.  Most three. 

Not Tom.

As Mr. Fun says, "There is a God and I am not Him."  I don't know why Tom is still alive....but I can guess.


So many folks have loved and prayed for this man who has served them so kindly over the years.  To quote one of my favorite movie lines  "God has surely grown weary of my endless prayers."  It isn't just Andersonville prayers.  It is prayers from everyone, from around the world.  Literally.

I don't know what defines a miracle to the God I am not, but being the simple chick I am, I am going to count this as one.

Wanna do a good turn today?  Tomorrow or next week? 

Tom is getting tired.  His life is limited by pain.  He doesn't get to get out and serve much anymore.  He is growing weary in his battle.    So I had a thought. 

Can you help me out? 

You know those emails you get about some sick kid somewhere collecting postcards or stickers or whatever before they die....I would like to do that for Tom. 

Some of you I don't know.  Some stumble across this blog from somewhere else.  You will never know Tom, but you could still do a good turn for him.  Be a boy scout for the day.

Will you send him a card in the mail?  Just a simple note.  Anonymous if that is more comfy for you.  Maybe your favorite story or scripture.  Just something.  (he doesn't know I am asking....until he read this anyway)

He is very private, and would not be happy for me to post his address on my blog. So you can send it to me:  I will pass them along...unopened. 

Tom A.
c/o Valerie Anderson
10504 North Forest Ave
Kansas City MO 64155

Thanks, friends.