Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More things that make you go humm...

Back by popular demand...ok, not really.  I have been cleaning out my photo files and I found more shots I have taken all summer just to share with you.  Enjoy.
googly bug eyes

Cat catching a cicada
Do women still really roll their hair AND go out in public?
I don't remember seeing one single
piece of cheese in China
This woman was CR-AZY.
She was a vendor at the farmer's market.
This other woman was shopping the earrings.
The owner asked her randomly if she,
the customer, had been saved.  ?
The customer was like uh, how does this relate to
these sparkly dangly earrings?  The pink woman
kept trying to force the customer to close her
eyes and accept Jesus right then and there.

We were at en Ethnic Festival. 
You know.  Gyros.  Chinese rice.
There was this person (it is un-
decided if she was male or female)
dressed like a fox. 
Incense the smells like monkey farts or
butt naked.  Can't understand why they aren't
big sellers like the potpourri...
I have a secret. 
Bowling shoes OUTSIDE of the bowling lanes
are safe.  I know from personal experience.
My dad's best friend owned a bowling alley
when I was in high school.  He gave me a
sweet pair of green and red used bowling shoes
for my senior year.  I wore them everywhere
(of course my parents were thrilled!).  I wore
them outside of the alley and I was perfectly safe.
I wore them until I wore a hole in the bottom of the sole.
I just loved this.

Uh, not sure when the Vikings arrived in town.
I felt like this was a little joke between me and God
each morning.  I would get up each morning,
and the sun would be glistening just like this on the
all powerful green truck.  Kind of like God was saying,
Look at this great truck, Valsy.  Enjoy.
I like how the postal workers get billed right
after the best friends.  I especially like the
last line. 
T-Rex Sue is a breast cancer research supporter

This is how I eat chinese.  The normal person
eats the bowl of soup size on the right.
Val eats the bowl on the left.
Yep, it is how I roll.  YUM.
I hope that the Amish don't see I was disrespectful
for taking their picture.  This picture and the one below
are a companion set.  The Muslims below were about 10
feet away in the same store in the same aisle.
It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
A little picture of world peace.
She always walked behind her husband,
never in front of or besides.
The World War I Memorial

Uh, don't tell Matt. 
I got this for him for Christmas. :)
No one in the car undstood this billboard.
The very large, expensive billboard.
The girl on the edge of the city
Sparta was in a summer mood
This is koi fish named Japan
The doctor said this thick file
(one of two!) is the sign
of a cancer battle being won
I love love this picture.  We were teasing my
dad's moustache
The dog got in the act