Sunday, October 24, 2010

VA goes to the UN: Happy United Nations Day

Today is United Nations Day.
I know lots of folks can't stand the UN.

I know it is political.

I know it is full of powerful men,
playing powerful men's games
(or women as it were).

But most folks who feel so strongly about it
haven't even been there.

But I have.

And this is what I think.
Mr. Fun has a saying from work:
Oppose, Propose.

We use it here at home now.  Makes the Girl crazy.

What it means is if you have a problem with something,
propose a solution.

I like the United Nations because the theory makes me happy.
People proposing solutions.

United Nations.
It's that simple.
Here I am, self portrait outside the complex.
Obviously I don't do this very often.  :)

This is what peace looks like here.
A lot of talking.  Taking turns talking.
Listening respectfully.

Here I am in a small group discussion about media and it's
destructive influence on the family.
These ladies had some opinions. 

The best piece of knowledge that I learned in this room
is that for every customer that calls in their opinion,
the media specialist said it is worth 1,000 opinions.

This is a stained glass piece that is wonderful.
It is from Chagall and it is the vision of peace.
It greets everyone.

And if you have followed this blog for more than like two weeks,
you know of my never-ending quest to win
the Nobel Peace Prize. 
Then I can retire from doing good.  :)

But seriously, there is a photograph hanging in the
main hall of the UN that helps keep your mind focused:
This is a refugee camp in the Sudan.

I read a scripture today just by chance (or not)
that I think sums it all up:
How hast thou helped him
that is without power?
Job 26:2

Is the UN perfect?

But I oppose oppression.

I like the proposal
that there is an organization
giving voice to the voiceless.

Helping them without power.

Happy United Nations Day.