Monday, October 18, 2010

Weird stuff I have seen and learned this summery time

I learned from Cheryl to carry a small camera in your purse
a couple summers ago and it has been fabulous.
I have been able to capture ALL sorts of things...
some very strange. 
none of these are staged
Come along, it is like some freaky field trip
I don't think I would go to a doctor that lives in
her Safari Muumuu
 Dukes of Hazzard Shrine

This is all natural

My rose bush that I don't use
Miracle Grow was only a
foot or two short from the world record.
I know the secret for next summer

This dog's tail waved back and forth
a bit disturbing

I learned that the true definition for an
arthritic to "live again" is to bowl..
the secret is bee venom
who knew?

Found this in a gas station store
called Ozarkland...which also
carried blue bull rubber testicles in the
neighboring aisle...
I didn't know dating had 100 steps...

Same Ozarkland store...
Utah LDS Temple timble
(in Missouri?)

Can you tell the girl and I are built the same?

I know some folks that might be able to use a spare eye or two

Yeah, it was a sign for what you think

Learned that aliens and Big Foot are friends
in a bar in a town ran by the Menonites and Amish...

Apparently Dr Phil
loves himself a dress and cornflakes

The scenic tour of said town and bar,
on the Amish version of a tour bus

Loved the creativity of this

Like the look of shiney things

And last but not least,
The Girl expresses herself at a local Tea Party
(that isn't was fun)