Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Perfect Gift

You lookin' for the PER-FECT gift for Mr. Fun?

Two words.  Well, sort of two words. 


What is MORE American than a chicken sandwich?  I didn't see any in China.  I didn't see any in Sweden.  See what I mean....American.

I wish there had been some in Ireland.  We almost starved to death in Ireland.  That is why they are going fast food restaurants.

Mr. Fun is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about Chick Fil A.

Too bad he is married to a heartless non-risk taker
who would not allow him to quit his perfectly sound, benefits included,
paid-every-two-weeks-by-auto-deposit job
 so that he could start his own franchise....his dream.
Man, that Val sucks.

real chicken.  real grease.  real good.

The day he wore this shirt to the restuarant, he
got a free lunch, his picture with the cow,
and all the employees were called to the front counter to see
the said shirt.  No joke.

The shocking piece of all of this is he is not alone.

There are so many Chick-fil-A fans, someone
wrote a song.  :)  I wonder how Paul McCartney feels
 about a good old American chicken sandwich?