Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday December 5th--International Day of the Volunteer

Happy International Volunteer Day as established by the United Nations.

Their goal is to encourage people to contribute locally or internationally to a economic development program or start one of their own. 

I do not fancy myself a business person. 

I do not like dealing with money.  Asking for money.  Getting money.  I sure don't mind giving it away.  That I don't mind.  :)  Actually, I am very good at giving away Mr. Fun's money as Dave says since I haven't held a "real job" in almost 20 years (which may I add isn't doing anything to help my social security account with the government...although that doesn' really matter since a SS agent herself told me in person there will be no money left when my time comes anyway). 

I dislike doing fundraising so much as a matter of fact that I wouldn't even sell our team Little League BBQ tickets as a kid at the local post office or Pay and Save store.  It just isn't in me.

But this week, as you know, some ladies and I basically started a US Chapter of raising donations for the widows of India.  Our own little economic development program.  :) If I am understanding right, we have garnered up $850 these past few days.

Photograph by Deanna Quinton, photographer extraordinaire
(mr. fun's cousin)

Since I have been quite young (I have been visiting the reasons in my mind the last several weeks) I have always had some sort of yearning to serve the poor.  Poor in heart.  Poor in the world.  Bring some sort of stability of sorts I guess for a moment.  I am still figuring it out.

The bottom line there are millions of places to give your money and time.  There is a great quote once I heard from a church leader that said "We are not asking everyone to do everything.  We are asking everyone to do something."

Whatever your "something" is, may you invest in it fully with your heart and mind.  With love.

Another great shot by Deanna Quinton

For me, for now, my heart has led me to the ladies in white in India.  God bless us, everyone.